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Are you ready to change your life? Are you ready to take CONTROL?


The brainchild of Mind Coach and Remedial Hypnotist, Tim Box, the CONTROL System is a direct, hands on method of creating rapid and positive change in the way you think, feel and behave. The system utilises the way your mind works best, enabling you to get control of your subconscious patterns of thought, giving you the power to remove any blockages and limiting beliefs that hold you back.

By using direct communication with the most powerful and creative part of your mind the CONTROL system puts you back in charge of your own thoughts and responses.

CONTROL can be used to change almost any current pattern of thought you are unhappy with. The beliefs that restrict us and prevent us from reaching our true potential are all at some point learnt at a subconscious level. Yet often we become consciously aware that certain beliefs or patterns of thought are now out of date and do us no good. CONTROL is the method by which we update our own subconscious programming and remove the barriers in our thinking that restrict us.

Specifically, CONTROL can help alleviate Confidence and Self Esteem problems. It can also help (if necessary in conjunction with medication) in the treatment of Depression and Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Agoraphobia and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Phobias such as spiders, water, flying and public speaking can also be minimised, along with painful memories and traumatic experiences.

CONTROL is very helpful with Smoking Cessation.

Whether you use it every day or just once in a lifetime as soon as you know the system you will have a permanent means of updating your automatic patterns of thought and programming yourself for success.

I am a recommended CONTROL Practitioner

and I'm very proud to have  trained with Tim Box at the Control Academy which is recognised by as a Centre of Excellence by The Complementary Medical Association (The CMA). This means that the Control Academy holds full Training School Membership of The Complementary Medical Association.  This Membership is highly prestigious, and it demonstrates commitment to the very highest standards of excellence in training courses..


Are you ready to change your life? Are you ready to take CONTROL? 

Contact me now to book a free Initial Consultation and discover how I can help you to develop fresh perspectives on life and achieve the outcomes you dream of!

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