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Experienced. Certified. Supportive. Gentle. Effective.

I originally trained in theatre at Dartington College Of Arts and spent many years touring through the UK, Europe and beyond, working as an actor and director. In between times I have also worked regularly as a lecturer in theatre and performance in both further and higher education. I have always worked closely with people of all ages, and particularly with young people, helping them to develop their skills, find their path in life and move towards fulfilling their cherished 

dreams and goals.


I am a hypnotherapist because hypnotherapy changed my life.

This is the story of what led me to this point..

In 2011 I was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer. It was a massive shock. I had always thought of myself as 'bulletproof'... healthy, strong, never 'off sick'.

I had two rounds of surgery within quick succession and then five months of chemotherapy. My approach to the whole thing was bullish, stubborn, determined. I worked as much as I was able to keep my mind occupied.

After recovery I went back to work full-time. Gradually, almost imperceptibly, I began to notice a kind of creeping anxiety that was getting worse. I became tearful at work, more and more unable to cope with the daily demands of my job. I startled easily and became a nightmare passenger in the car...jumping at everything.

I was plagued with intrusive thoughts, mostly about awful things happening to my loved ones.

In my usual pragmatic way I dealt with it just by doggedly keeping on .... until one day I couldn't. I missed my moment to do my usual run to the loo to cry and very publicly collapsed in tears. I was gently but firmly marched to the very fierce and wonderful O.H. specialist and promptly sent home in spite of my protests. I found myself signed off work with 'emotional distress', a form of PTSD - my doctor told me it was the emotional 'fallout' from my illness. 'You have dealt with the physical's time to deal with the emotional healing'

I was off work for four months. I healed to a degree, the weeping stopped, but I was still plagued by anxiety and intrusive thoughts. They would come at me from nowhere, banging into my head unbidden and violent. Awful, frightening and very, very real

I resigned myself to the thought that this was going to be how it was and thanked my blessings for my wonderful, understanding and supportive family.

The turning point came in the form of a one day 'CONTROL' workshop with the ground breaking, clever and highly skilled Mind Coach Tim Box. It popped up on my facebook feed..

'Very Bad Things..'said the blurb... 'What is the one thing about the way you think, feel or behave that you would like to change?

What if you could change that thing right now?

What if there was a way of being completely in control?'

I signed up for it on the spot and went along one misty Sunday in August 2015. We were introduced to the wonder of the subconscious and did some focused and detailed work. I went home at the end of it thinking 'well that was very interesting but I don't feel any different'

At home that evening two things happened in quick succession -

My husband almost tripped over our new puppy with a pan of boiling water in his hands - normally would have set me off into a blind spin - I didn't even register it..

Then he sliced his finger with one of our (very sharp) knives... he said 'Ow!'... again, I didn't even see it... (something like this would normally have had me jumping up in a state going 'What?? What???..')

He found himself at a loss because I wasn't doing my usual 'panic' reaction and had to 'have a word' with himself. Over the next few days he and my son started 'testing' me to see if they could get a reaction out of me...... nothing.

I then spent two days almost entirely on my own without a single bad or frightened thought. It was quite phenomenal.

Peaceful. Joyful even.

I realised that I was seeing beauty everywhere instead of disasters. The experience remains life-changing to this day.

I decided that I had to learn how to do this wonderful thing myself so that I could use it to help other people....

and here we are...

I have since trained with Tim in his revolutionary CONTROL System  and am very proud to be a 'Recommended Practitioner' in  The Control System

I hold the Diploma in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (DSFH) from the Observatory Plymouth  

If you would like me to help you to gain control over your thoughts and your emotions then please do contact me now to book a free Initial Consultation and discover how I can help you to achieve the outcomes you dream of!

image" Jim Lukach


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