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I am delighted to share with you the first download of a series of recordings that are designed to help you to release your potential in this world

I hope that you enjoy it

In positivity

'release your potential'



'I listened to the track and it was brilliant, super relaxing.  I usually find visualisation exercises very hard but the way Nix gets you relaxed through breathing first, meant I found I could ‘access’ the visualisation much easier than when people go straight in with them.   And her voice and use of words like ‘yield’ are fabulous.  I’m rubbish at relaxing and by the end I was proper chilled out!' EM January 2017

'Stop the world for 25 minutes. I loved it! I haven't been this calm in months...I should be doing a mountain of work but I'm not doing it now....I'm just lying here sighing!' ER January 2017

'I thought it was brilliant and very relaxing. It obviously worked......first night I've gone straight to sleep in I don't know how long!' AD February 2017

Nurture' - to soothe anxiety, help with sleeplessness & troubled minds.
Give yourself the gift of total, peaceful relaxation. This beautiful, powerful track is designed to calm, nurture and replenish. Take a moment every day to settle into a quiet, warm place and listen. You will soon feel the benefit
- your body temperature is likely to lower whilst you are relaxing and listening so make sure you are warm

'Nurture has really helped me to start feeling strong and positive again . I've been listening to it twice a day, I really love it and look forward to it, I make time for it.  One day I listened to it 3 times! The sound track of it is superb too!

I am feeling so much better and in a very different place. So BIG BIG heartfelt thank you's!' EN February 2017

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